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Transponder 11183 H

Here you can look at transponder technical parameters, channel list for this transponder. Here is the calculation of the size, azimuth and elevation of the dish required to receive this transponder at your location. Hereyou can look to the transponder's coverage map.
Network ID 0

Channels:5SearchChannel list
26711 Radio Comms 1.0W
26713 Radio IRN 1.0W English
26712 Radio Progs 1.0W English
26709 Radio Stereo 3 1.0W English
26710 Radio Tone! 1.0W English

Following are the results of the calculation of this transponder's EIRP at your location and dish size required for its reception. Reminder that these calculations are approximate. Always take adequate advice before buying equipment or subscribing to the broadcast packages!
If you see empty values of calculated EIRP and dish size, this means that:
(1) system cannot calculate signal strength at your point or
(2) reception of this transponder at your point is impossible.
Here also shown Azimuth and Elevation angles required to receive transponder. Azimuth calculation does not consider variation (i.e. difference between magnetic and physical pole) - consider this if you are using a magnetic compass.

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> 120cm. Slovakia Bratislava 48 7' N 17 7' E geddeth - Edit

-------EIRP, in dBWt
-------Satellite visibility line

51 60
50 67
49 75
48 85
47 95
45 120
42 160
40 200
39 240
37 300

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